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Rapid Evaluator, Google [x]

Rich is the leader of the Google [x] Rapid Evaluation Team and Design Kitchen, two small groups inside Google [x] who prototype, build, and test ideas, seaching for the Next Big Thing for Google.  He is co-founder and was the first leader of Project Loon, a Google [x] project to explore delivering the internet to the 4.8 billion people who don't have it by means of high-alititude balloon.   Rich works in a secret Google lab that may or may not be filled with roving robots, space elevators, and talking refrigerators.

At Google Rich works as a researcher, small team lead, rapid prototyping specialist and in-house skateboarding consultant.  He invents things, builds stuff, does math, and usually avoids (unintentionally) setting things on fire.  In between filing patents and drinking coffee Rich specializes in inspiring others to be audacious, take risks, and to fail productively as quickly as possible.
Prior to joining Google in mid 2011 Rich worked in Technology Advancement at Apple, investigating new technologies, features, and approaches for Apple products.

Rich holds Master of Science ('98) and Doctor of Philosophy degrees ('04) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University (class of '93).